Australia SkillsMap ® Training Plan Generators I am pleased to announced that The Work Lab have acquired SkillsMap® in its entirety and all business dealings relating to SkillsMap® will be now handled by The Work Lab® through our head office in Hobart. I am also pleased to announce we have retained the services of Alick MacFarlane the creator and developer of SkillsMap®.  Alick’s role is Business Development Consultant for The Work Lab and I know he will continue to provide the excellent customer service for which he is well known and respected for. Everything you liked and loved about the SkillsMap® Training Plan Generators has been integrated into our brand new product, Skillsbook®. Please visit our web site to find out more about our company and in particular, Skillsbook®. Yours faithfully David Morgan M.D. The Work Lab 03 6234 9422 A message from the Managing Director of The Work Lab. 0403138549 Liz Perrott Director Yes you can still contact Alick This is not the end but the beginning of an exciting new chapter for me and Skillsbook®.  The Work Lab is a company full of innovative ideas and cutting edge software products that are well known and respected all over Australia.  Finally I have found a company and a team of people that share my enthusiasm to create a program that will incorporate all of the latest technologies and ideas relating to web based access and delivery for all National Training Packages.  My driving passion is to see a program that will revolutionise how training plans, RPL, assessments, timetabling and the creation of training plan summaries are developed/created and carried out with the involvement of the student/employee, the employer and the RTO, all in a seamless one-stop-shop approach.  Welcome to Skillsbook® – it does it all. I am proud to be associated with Skillsbook® and The Work Lab Team Alick MacFarlane A message from Alick MacFarlane